10 Tips to Make Clothes Last Longer

We all have to pieces we just love, our darlings, those that, if they get stained or worn out, it just breaks our heart. #whohasnot had that sad feeling when you see your favorite clothing stained or worn out?

You can rest your heart and learn from us how to increase the lifetime of your clothes and shoes.

1) White can remain white
In case there is an accident and you stain white clothes, you must clean it in any way possible at the time, using a napkin or piece of cloth. When something like this happens, the best is to wash out the stain by hand.
White pieces must always be washed with pieces of the same color; use water that is as hot as allowed for that specific fabric and always wash them after only one use.

2) Oil stains
What you feared came true and your favorite outfit was a victim of oil at that special lunch? Do not worry. When you get home, just cover the stain with cornstarch and let it sit for 30 minutes. Next, apply a stain remover, a bit of detergent, and use hot water to rinse (as hot as permitted for that fabric).

Do not use the dryer. It may lead to the stain remaining there permanently.

3) Fold your jeans
If hanged, jeans will lengthen. This, therefore, is a golden tip, huh? In order for them to keep the perfect fit, which is what made you buy them in the first place, it is better if you fold them and store in a drawer.

4) Use small bags to wash your lace lingerie
For those who don’t want to wash lace undergarments by hand, we have an excellent tip to washing them in the washer without damaging the pieces. All you have to do is place them in what are known as wash bags – these allow the pieces to be washed without being in contact with the other clothing.

5) Dry your work-out clothes naturally
Do not dry your work-out clothes in the dryer! That can lead to the loss of their shape and good fit. Let them line dry!

6) Put filling in your shoes
You know those amazing leather and suede shoes? With time, they can lose their shape and, in order to avoid that, the tip is to insert a small rag or tissues in them to give support, just how they came from the store.

7) Wash your black clothes inside out
In order to maintain your black clothes in good quality, just wash them inside out – this way, it will take longer for them to wear out.

8) Wash clothes less
Most clothing can be worn several times before washing. Find out how many times a week each piece needs to be washed and, that way, you will save time and money. Keep this in mind because, washing your clothes too much leads to loss in the brightness of their colors and their good fit.

9) Clean your laundry washer
It is recommended to wash it regularly, since the dirt and tint that accumulates can cause your clothes to have the aspect of dirty.

10) Do not store your clothes in plastic bags
Plastic bags accumulate a lot of humidity inside and can leave your clothes yellow and sometimes with mold.



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