7 ways to use glitter and shine with no exagerations!

There is no way to use social networks and not see, even if at a glance, fashion references and beauty with glitter. Some love it, and others hate it. But, at some point, they all wear it! The trend that was successful for last year remains in 2018. And the best! You can adapt the brightness to your day-to-day! Check out the tips we’ve listed for you!


Shiny backpacks and purses are perfect for a laid-back look and to make your week more fun.

Discreet Makeup

You can use glitter in the makeup and, nevertheless, leave it looking discreet. Invest in the delicate outline, done with a brush and glitter or, depending on the time, a light shadow.

On the feet

Whatever the model, there’s bound to be a glitter version. Combine with neutral clothes to balance the look.

Jackets & Coats

Combining jeans and more basic neutral-colored pieces with glossy jackets is great! Invest in that look!


Regardless of the length (midi, mini or long), the glow in the skirts draws attention at any time. Invest in soft fabrics with a soft glow. It makes the look more glamorous.


If the idea is to dare more in the look, it is worth to be careful in the makeup. How about a blazing eye striking and topped off with glitter? It will be incredible!


Sparkly nails combine with any occasion and are much more affordable since even those more conservative women can take the risk in the look without fear of making mistakes.

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