Curls? Learn the best way to care for them

Owning them to the max, with lots of volume but no frizz. Curls that are hydrated and free.

Many girls with curly hair went through a transitional period, owned up to their curls and discovered, just as curly girls who never went even close to permanently straightening their hairs, that the products Low-Poo and No-Poo are the best option for their hair. The name means little shampoo, but has nothing to do with not being clean. It is the substitution for shampoo without sulfate, since this substance is used for deep cleansing of the strands and can cause dryness and loss of the natural oils of the hair. And no one with curly hair wants that, right?

We spoke with Lucas De Carvalho, curly hair expert, so we could have a better understanding of how to care for the little curls! What are the benefits of using Low-Poo and No-Poo products for curly hair?

Lucas De Carvalho: Due to the curves of curly hair, the natural oils take longer to get to the ends, causing the drying of this type of hair. When we use shampoos with sulfate, we remove all of the natural oiliness, in addition to water, lipids, which are super important for our hair, especially for curly hair. The Low and No-Poo products are sulfate-free. The softly cleanse the hair strands, avoiding excess drying. In addition to sulfates, these products are free from petroleum-derived particles, and rich in botanic agents. This makes the product dissolve in water, making it easier for the water to penetrate on the strand, without any obstacles. How often should curly hair be hydrated?

Lucas De Carvalho: On a weekly basis. It is ideal to use a mask rich in moisturizing agents to hydrate the strands. It is also very good to hydrate the hair with 100% vegetable oils. This reduces frizz, dryness, and gives more shine and definition to the curls. You can use a hydrating mask one week, and apply 100% vegetable oils the next. This will certainly help to maintain your hairs always well-hydrated. How to use volume in our favor?

Lucas De Carvalho: The style of the cut is essential for those who love volume. Getting a cut that adds even more value to your hair, will guarantee volume that is gorgeous and well-balanced. Of course, the proper finishing touches are also very important so that you get cool volume on your hair. For those who like volume, I recommend using a diffuser after the finishing touches. The diffuser will add volume and definition to the curls. But, as I said, if you don’t get a good cut, perhaps you won’t get the volume you want… What if a curly girl wants to go bold with the haircut, can she?

Lucas De Carvalho: Of course, curly girls can do anything! Bangs, asymmetric cuts, layers, short and cute…anything! As long as it is with someone who understands your hair type. Who knows how to distribute the volume of your hair in the cut, and values the volume of your hair when cutting it…that’s essential! What tips can you give to someone who is in a transitional phase?

Lucas De Carvalho: One of the tips is for you to maintain your determination of going through this process; of thinking about the fact that it will be worth it to wait. Have patience because it’s only a phase. Always think positive. If someone tries to bring you down because of your hair, try not to listen to them; don’t think about giving up, because there are many people out there who will try to bring you down, but you are the one who decides not to allow that to affect you. Watching videos of people who also went through this process is also encouraging! You should always feed yourself with things that will give you more determination to go through this process. Care for your hair during the transition by using products with the low and no-poo technique. Trim your hair every two months. Avoid blow-drying or straightening tour hair too often, since this can interfere with the structure of the natural strand, losing its definition. You can use the curling iron on the part that still has the chemicals, to disguise the two textures. Wear accessories such as turbans to disguise the roots of the hair. Pull your hair back. Try different dos. Finally, follow these steps so you can go through this transition without major difficulties.

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