Dryer and Diffuser: From Villains to Heroes

For a long time the hair dryer, and later the diffuser, were seen as villains of the hair, leaving it dry and frizzy. But did you know that it all depends on how you go about the drying process? Whether the hair is straight or curly?!
We will teach you a step-by-step for good hair drying that, of course, does not damage the strands.

Straight hair

Those with naturally straight hair should wash it and, after this process, dry it with a towel, without wringing and/or pressing too hard, so the strands don’t get brittle and frizzy.
Next, protect with a good leave-in conditioner, with heat protection to avoid damage to the hair.


Choosing a good brush is also very important. Wooden brushes are ideal because they help to reduce frizz.
It is important to dry from top to bottom, maintaining a distance of 4 to 6 inches from the hair, using the nozzle of the dryer, which will direct the heat the correct way.
Finally, change the temperature on the dryer and use cold air on the hair. The cold air will seal the hair cuticles through the thermic shock and give it more movement. Next, apply the anti-frizz serum from half way to the ends of the strands, sealing and repairing the cuticles. The hair will be styled and well-behaved.


In case you have a hard time managing the dryer with the brush, there are options with twisting brushes that offer an easier way to dry the hair.

Curly hair

After washing and removing the excess water with a towel, without wringing or pressing too hard, it is important to use a leave-in conditioner that is specific for curly hair, applying it strand by strand for a better outcome.
Next, use a diffuser (this piece comes with some hair dryers but can also be purchased separately), in case you want to dry it without losing the curls. The drying process is from the ends to the root of the hair, with light movements of the diffuser from the bottom up, for more defined curls.
The temperature change from hot to cold is also recommended, to guarantee shiny strands without the frizz. The last step is to apply the anti-frizz serum, avoiding the scalp so the hair does not become oily.

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