Healthy Skin: Don’t Use Products that Expired

Do you have the habit of looking at the expiration date on your products? If so, do you normally follow it?

Well, the majority of people don’t think there is a problem with using products past their expiration, but there is serious risk in using them this way, whatever the product may be. In addition, expired products lose their desired effect. Then, why continue using them?

Products such as shampoos lose their cleansing effect, and can also lead to dandruff; nail polish changes color and gets a thick appearance, causing changes in the texture and irritation on the cuticles; and make-up can cause allergies and other skin complications like irritation and loss of lashes.

Therefore, be careful! Using products past their expiration represents a high risk to your health. And don’t use the excuse that you’re trying to save, because that can cost you a lot more.


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