How to apply compact powder with a sponge

Who has spent a lot of time applying carefully your make up, only to then realize that it got super heavy, with that “artificial effect”? To avoid this, there are a few tricks that may help. And the sponge can be a good helper in this task. The way we use it at the time of applying the compact powder can make all the difference. Got it?

Flat and straight sponges may help, but to apply foundation or compact powder, the triangular or drop-shaped sponges are the most suggested. This is because the angled tips of these sponges allow you to work around the most difficult areas of the face, such as the sides of the nose or the corner of the eyes. Therefore, instead of accumulating product in these zones, the sponge helps spread it more easily and effectively, guaranteeing a lighter and more natural result.

Water helps
Soaking the sponge before applying the powder, just like you should already do to apply the foundation, is a great tip. It makes the product not look highlighted on the face, giving an artificial effect to the look. The ideal is to wet the sponge with running or mineral water, expect it to “grow” and then squeeze to remove the excess. So, it is possible to make the powder actually “blend” with the skin rather than applying a layer that just stays on.

Product use / application
The key to an impeccable application of compact powder for those who do not give up on using the sponge is to always apply the product by lightly tapping the face, by pressing the sponge against the skin. When the powder drags on, the result does not come out uniform and can give you an artificial look. Therefore, it is important to start with a thin layer and only then apply a larger amount of powder, if necessary, but only inn the more oily regions.

There are those who don’t put too much emphasis on this, but cleaning the sponges is as important as the chosen application technique. This happens because the accumulation of products in the sponge can generate fungi and bacteria that besides changing properties of the compact powder can cause pimples, allergies and inflammations in the skin. To wash the sponge, use a neutral liquid soap.

It is always good to learn new techniques and makeup tricks, but these tips are not useful, if the products you are using are not good. It is very important that you invest in quality products, which will take care of your skin while you are using makeup. SD MAKE • UP has a compact powder and a very high quality sponge. Take a look in our online store and get to know these and other products of our line!


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