Improve the quality of your skin with these 5 habits

The largest organ in our bodies is the skin. Did you know that? And a lot of times we neglect this super important organ, leaving it exposed to so many factors and not taking proper care of it.

We will now suggest 5 habits that will change the reality of the health of your skin and of your routine.

1) Get hydrated

Drinking water is extremely important for the health of your skin. Now-a-days, when most people work in closed rooms, with the conditioned air on all the time, the skin gets dry and hydration is left aside. The minimum daily water consumption is 2 liters. So, you should always have a bottle near you so you don’t forget to get hydrated. Don’t forget – putting on moisturizing lotion is also essential to maintain the health and hydration of the dermis, the first layer of skin.

2) Healthy eating habits

Improving your eating habits, directly reflects on the health and quality of your skin. Foods that are rich in anti-oxidants help in avoiding the creation of radicals. Include fruits and vegetables, in addition to foods rich in oily acids like nuts, soy, and fish, which help to improve hydration.

3) Get sun exposure

Getting some sun at the right time is wonderful! 15 to 20 minutes of daily exposure is enough to activate vitamin D intake, and with it, a variety of benefits and nutrients! Sun exposure between 11am and 2pm needs caution and lots of protection. During this period of time, there is more UVB radiation which increases the risk of developing skin cancer. And it is not enough to just protect the face, ok? We are talking about that here on this post. You must protect the arms, legs, chest, and neck. The best is to use sunscreen with protection factor of 30 or more.

4) Sleep well and reduce stress

Sleeping is invigorating! 6 to 8 hours daily is good to calm the body and mind. A well-rested body leads you to improve your potential. Foods may also help you lower your levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, and will help you have healthier skin, since stress can also dry up the skin.
If you are feeling exhausted, even to rest, make foods rich in Vitamin C your priority; foods like (red peppers, acerola, cabbage, strawberries), and foods rich in beta-carotene (mangoes, carrots, apricot).

5) Physical exercises

There is nothing better than spending in order to refuel with good and new energy, filled with disposition, right? Practicing physical activities releases endorphins; this chemical substance present in our brains helps to fight off bad temper! How great! The more you release, the more satisfied you are. With this, anxiety levels decrease, promoting better quality, not just for the skin, but for life in general.

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