5 ways to avoid impulse buying

We have already talked about how to find new looks without spending, here on the blog, and today we will talk about a topic that affects many people: impulse buying.

In addition to compromising a budget that could be designated for other goods and services both short and long-term, impulse purchases cause, after the excitement, a sensation of: why did I buy this again?

But don’t worry! We will give you some tips to avoid impulse purchases.

  1. Set goals of how much you plan on spending per month. After this, the best is to try not to exceed that budget. As the wise saying goes: “the important thing is not how much you make, but how you spend your money.”
  2. Identify the amounts you spend per month and where they are being spent. Analyze where it is possible to save. If you have the habit of eating out every day or going to happy hour after each work day, try cutting on that a bit.
  3. If, out of nowhere, you feel the urge to purchase items you already have, breathe, and think about whether you need those items or not.
  4. Avoid taking your credit card everywhere. This is the leader when it comes to ruining credit. The best is to only use it when making a large, well thought out purchase.
  5. Make a shopping list! It helps to better organize and plan for the purchases you will need to make.


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