Is There an Ideal Age to Start Getting the Eyebrows Designed?

Adolescence is a “complicated” phase. Hormones at boiling point, many changes…the first big transformation. For women, this phase comes charged with vanity and the desire to enhance their looks. The eyebrows – never touched before – start to bother them, and they go to mom with the request: “Mom, can I get my eyebrows done?” Many moms hesitate and deny the request. After receiving a “no” the teens can resort to doing them on their own, which can lead to a lot of damage.

It’s not just about plucking out the hairs…The best, especially for the first time, is to do the design with a professional. In the Eyebrow Design stores, we are always striving for safety and quality in the service, so teens, starting at age 14, should go with a parent or guardian. At the store, the master designer will do an evaluation and, from there, apply the design without the use of the toning gel. Starting at age 16, in addition to the design, the teens can start using the toning gel.

So, if you are a teen or a mother of a teenager, don’t waste your time. Schedule an evaluation at the nearest ED store.


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