It’s time to go bold. Find the perfect shade for your eyebrows

A lot of times, one product only does not satisfy. This is how it goes for shadows, lipsticks, and even eyebrow products.
Finding the perfect shade was no easy task, until now. We will give you a tip of how, by mixing the right products, you can find the perfect shade for a stunning look.

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The DUO Corrector for Eyebrows from SD Make-Up maintains the design of your eyebrows perfect, always defined and flawless, valuing your eyes even more. It has lasting duration and comes in three colors: Rich Brown Caramel, Coffee Dark Wood, and Coffee Dark. By mixing the two shades, you can already get balance for the color of the eyebrows as well as the perfect finish; if used with the Wonder Brow, a pen with a small brush and a rotating trigger which deposits the product that adheres, fills in, and tints, creating a natural effect of filled in brows. It has a light formula, in addition to maintaining the eyebrows in place for more than 12 hours. With easy application and high pigmentation, the product dries quickly and has smudge-proof technology, which keeps the product from transferring (does not smudge), and does not crack. The Wonder Brow also contains rice powder, which strengthens the hairs, and has an applicator with smart bristles creating an active application on each click.

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