Learn 3 tips of what not to do to maintain your eyebrows always gorgeous and dazzle this holiday season

When we talk about holiday parties a few things easily come to mind: looks, make-up, and accessories that we will wear. If you only thought about these items, you forgot the main one: the care of your eyebrows. And you’re not about the end 2018 without taking care of the frame of your eyes, right?

In November, we listed here on the blog, the three maintenance steps you cannot miss in order to have incredible eyebrows. Today, Fernanda Barriviera, the Technical Director of the ED Group, an expert in the topic, will talk to us about three wonderful tips to maintain your eyebrows always beautiful.

1) Be careful with coloring

When the time comes to color the hairs, it’s important to choose a shade that mixes well with the existing eyebrow hairs, rather than simply repeating the color on your head hairs. Following this tip, the look will be the closest to the natural color, without being too flashy.

2) Be patient

Many women can’t take it when they see the hairs growing in and feel like plucking them out. It is important to make an effort to respect the interval of, at least, 15 days, before maintaining the design of the eyebrows again.

3) Straightening? Never!

Long strands, or those that grow opposite from the natural design tend to bother us, but there is a way to tame them without the use of straightening products. In the case of the long ones, always trim them with scissors. As for the rebels, use clear mascara and brush them toward the same side as the others grow.

It is possible to leave them always beautiful and in harmony. All you need is to follow the tips and stay disciplined.



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