Learn how to create routines in 3 steps

Talking about routine, for some people, seems boring, stiff. But the fact is that routines help us a lot, to plan and even prevent some actions. Routines bring tranquility since they are related to planning. This way, time is better utilized and the performance yields more.

The following tips are from the promoter and instructor of the GTD method (Getting Things Done), Thais Godinho.

“Routine is not about pre-established times or days, but about a sequence. It is about knowing what needs to be done in each situation. You can have a routine for when you wake up, regardless of waking up at 6 a.m. or 7 p.m. The point of having routines is guaranteeing that everything that needs to be done is done effectively, so you don’t forget anything, in addition to giving you security and a feeling of control. Routine is not about following a rigid schedule, but about being flexible and adaptable.”


1) Make lists – Embrace the wonderful and practical world of lists, listing simply what you need to do. I suggest that you make a list of all the things you need to do every day in the morning, before leaving the house, and one with all the tasks to get done before going to sleep. Just by having these two lists already helps so much since they place you on auto-pilot during those moments of the day when you tend to be more tired.

2) Don’t believe in overnight solutions – what builds a routine is the habit – the act of doing the same thing every day. So don’t go thinking that a three-day routine turned out well or badly, because no one can incorporate a habit overnight.

3) Focus on the most critical moments of your day – when do you tend to feel most tired and without energy to do things? In what situations do you feel frustrated for not being able to dedicate yourself 100%? Think about how you can find balance when you go through these moments. Anticipate these moments and think about solutions so that you don’t lose your head when these happen.

We hope you liked the tips. Routine is really a habit that must be cultivated. With the hectic days we tend to have, routine really helps in not allowing for important tasks to be forgotten.


Information: Vida Organizada


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