Learn the right way of applying eyelash mascara

The eyelashes and the way to use them, are a powerful tool in a woman’s overall look. It is a choice that varies according to the style you have and the style you are going for at the moment.

There is no specific recipe; the correct way of applying mascara will depend on your manual ability.

According to Duda Molinos, SD MAKE•UP curator, there is no specific rule that determines a proper application. “It is important to remember that, each time you apply the mascara, it will be humid as it gets to your eyes. Therefore, the best is to give it some time to dry in between the layers.”

In regards to what not to do when applying lash mascara, Duda adds, “The biggest mistake is to apply with the brush right after taking it out of the tube. It is recommended to remove the excess product before applying it, as to avoid saturation,” he concludes.

The SD MAKE•UP mascaras possess homogeneous and additive application; in other words, it does not remove the previous layer the second time it is applied. Isn’t that awesome? Eyelashes like a doll’s – fearless and happy!

Duda’s Tip:
Apply the mascara on the root of the lashes and not the ends. Applying the product on the roots gives you more volume, without accumulating on the ends.

Take a look at the video we prepared just for you.



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