Leather: the piece never runs out of style

Leather pieces are not exclusively for winter, but they can and should be worn in any occasion!

Did you know?
In the 80’s, Madonna influenced many women to wear leather pieces.

Due to the heat, it should be avoided during high temperature seasons, but nothing can take away the elegance and charm this piece brings: whether it is with skirts, coats, or pants. And if you think leather only comes in black, don’t worry! Don’t go wearing a bundh of pieces of the same color. Leather can come in many other colors: brown, beige, and burgundy are examples.



  • If you don’t wear it frequently, take some time to store your leather pieces in a fresh and airy place. No sun. They need to be in the shade.
  • Don’t store them if damp.
  • Glycerin for shoes helps to hydrate them and guarantees the durability of the product.
  • Don’t use chemicals. To clean them, use only a damp rag.


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