Natural Make-Up

“You don’t even look like you have make-up on!” Hearing this is the dream of a lot of women, simply for looking like your skin is perfect and you didn’t do anything to make it seem that way. The natural make-up look, the “I woke up looking like this”, has gained many followers around the world.

Discrete make-up, done very naturally, highlighting specific areas of the face. Take a look at 6 steps to make this possible:

  1. Use the DD Cream. With light texture, it helps to cover the imperfections without thickness. It gives a natural aspect, which is the goal.
  2. The concealer should be used, in case the dark circles around the eyes are too visible, or if there are stains on the skin. If that’s not the case, it won’t be necessary.
  3. A good highlighter, like My Crush, to enhance the temples, the corner of the eyes, and the outline of the mouth;
  4. Subtle blush to give off a healthy aspect;
  5. Nude lipstick – color for the mouth to give special emphasis without losing the natural aspect of the make-up;
  6. Good mascara for the eyelashes – you can use one that brings volume to enhance the lashes, and still look natural.




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