Net bag – Learn more about this accessory

It is an uncommon accessory. It is a bag that resembles a fisherman’s net, hence the name net bag = bag made of net. The 2018 trend came to the runways via the creations of Demna Gvasalia, an extremely reputable fashion designer owner of the Vetements brand.

The net bag has a strong structure and can be taken to any and every place, whether the market of a fashion show. And it was through a fashion show that it owned the streets.

It can come in a neutral color or any other color! The see-through nature of the braided style allows you to show what you carry in the purse, and fashionistas all around the world loved it. If you don’t like the idea of showing what you carry in your purse, you can put another bag inside of it. That’s right! The net bag can be used to carry another bag inside of it.

You know the saying: Less is more? Well, then. This accessory brings simplicity and sophistication to your look in a natural way.

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