Patterns – How to Match

When you think of patterns and printed clothes, usually the attitude is:

  • If wearing print on the top, the bottom has to be plain.
  • If wearing print on the bottom, the top has to be plain.

And, for no other reason, than the fact that there are so many myths about how to wear patterned clothes, most people don’t wear them for fear of not knowing how to match them. If that is your case, your problems are over!

Take a look at the tips!

*Pattern and plain piece
This is the classic combination, the safest way to go – choosing a plain piece, be it for the top or bottom, and matching it with a patterned piece. Simple, creative, and without much risk.

*Same print but a different design (pieces with the same theme)
Yes! It is possible! The same print but with a different design, can and will add value to your look, make no mistake.

This is certainly the biggest fear. The basic tip is: tall and thin women tend to wear horizontal stripes, giving the impression of more volume. Shorter women tend to wear vertical stripes, because they lengthen and give the impression of less volume. Floral prints with stripes bring out a fashionista feel that is very cool!


*Common colors
Different pieces and patterns, but the same colors! It is possible and looks great. By maintaining harmony and being discreet, it is possible to be bold without fear.


*Separate pieces
If, even after these tips, you still don’t feel comfortable mixing up the patterns, we have a golden tip! It is possible to match with separate pieces, such as shoes with accessories, belts, and not necessarily pieces like pants, blouses or skirts.


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