Style Tricks That Make a Big Difference for the Final Product

Details are precious and make a H-U-G-E difference. Be it in relationships or in wardrobe productions, as discrete as they can be, the details have the power to give more meaning to many things.
Want some tips on how to change up a look with just the details, and without spending? Pay close attention and use without moderation.

1) Accessorize
A maxi necklace, earrings, or a scarf give any look an “up” with very little effort.


2) Fold the hem of your pants
This creates a fun look, while at the same time, giving the idea of better care. This also works for the sleeves of shirts and blouses.


3) Tuck in the front of your blouse
This trick highlights the waistline, shows off the bottom part of the outfit, lengthening the silhouette.


4) Third piece
Wear that vest or jacket that were stored away. They effortlessly bring special value to the outfit, in addition to a modern, youthful aspect! If it is a tailored piece, it works even better, bringing elegance to the ensemble.


5) Make-Up
It makes a big difference and does not need to be heavy. The basic goes a long way.

You already follow these tips on a daily basis. Do you have other to share with us?
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