Tips on how to care for the eyebrows so they stay beautiful for longer

Hydrates, soft, and healthy hairs. Yes, we are talking about your eyebrow hairs. They are not a mere detail on your face. On the contrary, the way in which they are treated and designed, for example, says a lot about your personality, but this is a topic for the next post. Now we will talk about how your eyebrows can look beautiful for longer periods of time…

The eyebrows must be cared for in order to avoid hair loss, causing flaws that can be annoying to correct later. Avoid trimming our eyebrow hairs on your own, because the wrong trim can also damage the design and compromise the healthy growth of the hairs.

In order to avoid your eyebrow hairs looking messy, we recommend the use of a fixer. The Brow Fixing Gel is a specific product for the eyebrows which, in addition to leaving the hairs in place, it also provides hydration for the hairs.

Do not pluck your eyebrow hairs, whether they are white ones or are growing outside the design, because it is possible to disguise them without damaging the design of your eyebrows.

When putting on your make-up, do the outline of your brows with the concealer, which will also help to make them look beautifully highlighted.

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