White: The classic color for New Year’s Eve

The darling for New-Year’s Eve is also considered the color of peace: white, in addition to being associated to peace, is also pure charm, elegance, and tradition for New Year’s Eve. A color that goes with every type of shoes and accessories. And for those who associate it with basic or monochromatic, they are mistaken. Nowadays there are more and more options of pieces in this darling color of the good vibes.

Lace, embroidery, and see-through with the right balance enrich any piece and guarantee success for an all-white look. Monochromatic looks lengthen the waistline since they don’t create that feeling of break in between colors.

As some options, we recommend the long jumpsuits since those are classy and chic. Now the bolder girls go for the short jumpsuits and mini dresses, since they bring more freedom to enjoy your time by the water.

White brings softness and light even in the winter time! And anyone can wear it. However, there is one detail you should keep in mind: white has the power to illuminate and “increase” certain parts of the body – like the hips. If you wish to disguise the area of the hips, choose pieces that emphasize the cleavage area.

But remember, regardless of the color or the style of the chosen look, what truly matters is that you feel good and enjoy the holidays surrounded by those you love.

Well then, what are you waiting for? But, before you immerse yourself, take a look at the gallery of inspirations we prepared for you!



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