Yellow – The color that goes with all seasons

Because of the superstition heard for many years that by wearing the color yellow you’ll somehow attract money, a lot of people choose to wear it only on New Year’s Eve or at the turn of a new year. The fact is that yellow is not a color only for the turn of the year; it is a color that can and should be present on a daily basis. In the winter it conquered the runways, and in the spring/summer 19, it is one of the favorites to make it to your wardrobe.

According to personal stylist, Daniela Castro, the color has been gaining strength since spring/summer 17. “Yellow is a very versatile color, despite people’s fear of daring to wear it. This fear comes from not knowing about the infinite shades and combinations you can make with it.” She also highlights that, even with a range of information about fashion, people normally tend to limit themselves to “egg yellow”. What is the importance of the color yellow for the spring/summer seasons of 2019?

Daniela Castro: Well, yellow is the chosen one of the season. It alludes to light, heat, fun, optimism. It is a good choice for those who want to attract attention, but don’t want to be too daring. It is important, then, to know all the nuances of the color, from mustard, to light pastel yellow, which is also very popular this season. How can we compose a harmonious look with this color?

Daniela Castro: Composing looks with the color yellow is not a tough task, but it’s also not that simple. It is necessary to have some basic knowledge of what looks good with your skin tone, profession, the dress code for the occasion. Then, again, it’s good to know the various shades of the color. Clothes with predominantly yellow prints is also an easy path for those who want to start wearing the color. The fashionistas can go bold without fear, and match with complementary colors like purple or, if they prefer to soften things up a bit, a darker shade of yellow, lavender, which comes as Pantone’s most recent bet, since purple itself was not very successful. It’s also cool to think beyond the color. A piece with fabric of quality brings a yellow that is very different and more beautiful than that of simpler pieces, with fabric of inferior quality. Oh! A great color to wear with any shade of yellow is grey. Any shade of grey softens the strength of the yellow and brings a classier air to the look.
 Is it true that it goes better for people with tan skin color?

Daniela Castro: No entirely. Yellow does contrast well with tan and black skin colors, but people with lighter skin color are also free to wear it. It will depend on the composition. If you’re too scared to risk it, it’s worth it to invest in a yellow accessory. Belts, shoes, earrings, bracelets, and even a brooch give a nice emphasis to any look! Is the color also popular in accessories?

Daniela Castro: Yes, yes! The acrylic and plastic accessories that were the fever of the 90’s and 2000’s came back with full force, in an interesting new way. Mixed with more noble materials like metals, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, give a touch of color to a more sober look. Belts, shoes, and purses can also compose a look very well with yellow, especially for those afraid to go bold. A yellow scarf tied to the purse gives a completely different like to the jeans and t-shirt look, for example. And the scarf is not an expensive investment. What tip can you give to someone who is scared to wear yellow, but really wants to?

Daniela Castro: Parsimony. It doesn’t work to cover yourself in yellow from head to toes, just because it’s the new trend. Accessories are a good start and cheaper than a full look. It could be a bracelet, earrings, a scarf…Anything! For those who want to take a bigger risk, but are still scared of buying a yellow outfit, shoes and purses are great choices. And, for those who want to go straight to the clothing, I always say the best is to experiment and try it out! Try on the piece, think about a combination with something the person already has – so you don’t wear it one time and store it away – , try out the shades that look best with each skin color and take pictures. A mirror selfie already gives you a much different idea of how the outfit looks put on, than just your image reflected on the mirror, right?

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