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In the beginning of December it’s obvious that we’re already thinking of all the festivities that will take place this month. And, of course, the sparkles have to make an appearance…whether on the outfits, the accessories, or the make-up.
We talked to Duda Molinos, the official curator for SD MAKE•UP, and he gave us great tips on how to use sparkles in a harmonious and classy way.

Take a look!

Blog Sobrancelhas.com/en: How to use glow in makeup for Christmas, but in the right way?
Duda Molinos: Well, the “right” measure goes from each one and it has been increasingly common to use glitter, giltters and illuminators at the holidays. I think the important thing is to let the imagination run wild! But for those who are not 100% safe using the brightness in make, a nice tip to not get over the point is to focus on only one area. If you decide to apply the shine on your cheeks, for example, avoid shining on your lips and eyes as well.

S.Com/en: Can brightness happen on the lips and eyes at the same time?
DM: Yes, but you have to be careful not to overdo it. As I said, it is important to strike a balance. You can use it on the lips and the eyes, but it is interesting to choose one of these regions to apply with greater intensity and the other in a more subtle way.

S.Com/en: With what shades of makeup should you use the Let It Shine Eye Pencil?
DM: The golden and the silver, colors of the Let It Shine pencils, are wildcards. They go well with almost any make. Just use creativity!

S.Com/en: O Let It Shine lipstick pencil can be used in addition to some other lipstick? What would be the best combination?
DM: Let It Shine pencils are very practical, with a slightly iridescent and metallic effect that reveal very easy to achieve volumes with well defined effects, giving the lips that look of glamor. If you prefer something more discreet, you can apply a little in the center of the lips and spread with your fingertips or soft shade brush, giving the illusion of healthy and irrigated lips.

I think because it is such a versatile product, it is not necessary to use another lipstick. However, this release comes in two colors that are very easy to coordinate with any make-up color, be it to redefine contours or just extol what is already beautiful. That goes for the use of other lipsticks too.

Did you like the tips? Now it’s time to put it into practice and make it shine!


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