Plans for 2019 – How to make everything flow


Every end of the year it’s the same thing: plans and goals, and when we realize it, the year is already done and the feeling is that nothing happened, the year went by flying and nothing was accomplished. How can we finish 2018 differently and begin the New Year with a new mentality? How to put into practice the goals that were never even written on paper? Take a look at some tips of how to plan 2019 and make things happen.

1) Think about yourself

Focus on what is most important. All the changes will only happen if you are willing to change. Today it may seem impossible to wake up earlier to do some exercise, for example, but by developing a routine and not giving up at the first obstacle, things tend to work out.

2) Make plans

Write everything on a piece of paper. From the small, medium, to the big dreams, plans, projects. Set a time frame which could be short, medium, or long-term. Visualize them and look at the steps that will be necessary to accomplish them.

3) Develop new habits

It is now time to take a retrospective look and see what happened. Which behaviors worked out and should be kept and which ones were not successful and should be reviewed and adjusted. Was it your goal to stop smoking? Was it accomplished? If you used to smoke 10 packs of cigarettes per day and you end the year smoking only 1, you’ve already made huge progress. See what you can realistically adjust to your routine. Want to do some physical exercise but don’t have room in your budget? Walking is a great option. The saying: “If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse,” is valid here.

4) Leave work at work

Let go of this habit of bringing work home. You weren’t able to finish the task during business hours? Look at where you’re spending your time and energy to try to optimize things. When you get home, turn off the work groups or the internet and enjoy your time of rest. Watch a movie, read a book, enjoy time with your family. Live together!!

5) Take care of yourself and of your eyebrows

Develop the habit of being gentle with yourself, which includes, among many things (not demanding so much, forgiving, having patience with yourself), having time to self-care, self-spoil, and self-love. Don’t forget to take care of your mind, body, and spirit. Taking care of your appearance is an act of loving yourself. Take care of your eyebrows so that you can feel good about what you see and you can feel better each day!

We hope that in 2019 we may continue sharing quality information and building this space together.


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